Jun 3, 2013

Signing off for Summer

When I started this blog, here's what I promised myself:

  1. I will not post more than twice in a week. This is my way of restricting the time I spend blogging (and cooking and photographing for the blog) 
  2. I will not cook for the sake of blogging about it. This is why I haven't posted anything fancy yet. I am trying to cook only what we would normally eat, so I do not spend any undue time towards blogging. My kids (like many others) are very sensitive and do not take it lightly when I share my attention between them and anything else.
  3. Summer breaks are fun only until a certain age. I mean to let my kids enjoy it. So, I will be restricting my online time - not just blogging - during the next 2 months.
Why am I telling you this? Just to let you know that I am on a blogging break, enjoying our summer with the kids, picnicking, cycling, hiking and otherwise taking in the summer air. We also have a few field trips planned. 
I am sure there are really talented bloggers out there who can balance several trails of their life with a smile on their face. Hats off to those people. I wish to be like that when I grow up :) As far now, I will be back in August (or late July) with a load of posts on the Summer treats we enjoyed and more!

Happy Summer!!! 

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