Dec 30, 2012

Palmiers - Homemade Little Hearts

Palmiers - that melt-in-your mouth pastry with its buttery taste and shiny melted sugar glaze... perfection in a mouthful.
This was so simple and easy to make that a child could prepare it. Three ingredients and three steps - how much more easier can it get?
With my limited research, I learnt that these are called Palmiers (Palm trees) in French and some people call it elephant ears. But as they look and taste a lot like Brittania's Little Hearts, that's what I am calling it.

There's a whole lot of recipes and variations out there for this dish. I followed Food Network's Anne Burell's recipe.

Here's a batch of my palmiers stacked against Anne's:

Anne's palmiers

My Palmiers

What do you think? Did I do a good job?
I followed the recipe verbatim, except for the refrigeration time. I found out the hard way that 30 minutes was not enough. For my second and subsequent batches, I refrigerated the log for 2 hours.
Yes, I said "subsequent batches". Why, you may ask. Thrilled by the simplicity and the taste, we were inspired to make more of these lovelies for a whole lot of people.  Here's some of our goodies, all packed and ready for distribution.
Simple handmade packaging for this sweet homemade gift.

This was our teacher's gift for this holiday season. What about you? Do you enjoy making handmade/homemade gifts ? Or does it come off as a little too frugal for you?

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  1. Beautiful palmier love this little treats. Thanks for sharing with Favorite recipes Christmas event.

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  2. looks so delicious.And this is a good idea as a holiday gift..Thanks for sharing with my event.I am following you via GFC.Hope you will join with me via GFC,so we can share recipes...

  3. The hearts look cute and sure is a wonderful gift. Thx for linking.

  4. such a delicious box of cute little hearts!!! so picture perfect and so delicious!! Thanks for linking it to my event!! Looking for more yummy recipes!!
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